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Posted on August 22, 2022 by techx

Mark Zuckerberg seems to be mighty keen on the short-video business. Despite Meta Platforms’ wide panned tries to show Instagram into an on the spot TikTok contestant with a significant specialize in ‘Reels’ over images, the social media behemoth is doubling down during this regard by testing the same feature on its social electronic messaging app, WhatsApp.

According to reports, WhatsApp — that recently free a bevvy of options alteration user privacy and conjointly granting additional rights to cluster admins — is functioning on a replacement update which will enable users to look at their contacts’ standing (similar to Instagram Stories) simply.

Users area unit presently allowed to post statuses on WhatsApp that area unit in an exceedingly icon or video format — or maybe simply an easy text message — which will keep live for twenty-four hours. Users also are allowed to settle on United Nations agency will read their standing updates.
As per reports, with the new update, WhatsApp users can let individuals read their contacts’ statuses through the chat list directly, as opposition aiming to the separate standing — this may be done by simply sound on the contact’s profile icon, a report steered.
As per the report, the feature is in beta testing solely on the golem platform and can roll out the ultimate version in an exceedingly phased manner.
Earlier, Facebook proclaimed that it might permit users to make Reels from Stories that they need already shared. Further, Meta introduced ‘Add Yours’, AN interactive feature for Reels on Instagram and Facebook, to reinforce engagement.
Earlier, Instagram, within the face of severe user backlash, was forced to undo some polemic changes it had ushered in.
Users had been whiney a great deal regarding the full-screen feed that has been extended to selective users, the amount of irrelevant posts and reels on their feed and also the missing posts from the folks that they really understand and need to grasp additional regarding.
Instagram has received a great deal of criticism from its users for making an attempt to be the “second TikTok” with additional Reels, full-screen feeds and content from individuals and accounts they don’t follow.

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